Who Are We?

We are united by our mission of delivering positive impact alongside positive profits.

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Our Journey

Like a lot of startups, we are different today to how we started. Below are the ideals our proposition is built on.

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    Our original mission was to provide transparency to the ride-hailing market. Existing companies preyed on a lack of data and customers suffered with:

    πŸ’° unclear pricing - whether it was due to estimates, surges or just trickery.

    ⏰ inaccurate ETAs - 2 minutes before booking and 8 minutes once booked.

    🧐 inconsistent service levels - the same price-point for a low-rated driver as a high-rated driver.

    This opacity also affected drivers, which you can read more about at the link below...

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    As we started building out our solution, we discovered a powerful by-product of transparency was choice...

    πŸ€” It was obvious really... how can you show passengers options but not allow them to choose? 

    So we doubled down, collected more datapoints, offered more options... and allow passengers to choose their drivers based on gender, languages spoken, pet-friendliness, or even if they to boss the AUX and drink!

    πŸ’‘ When we distilled it, allowing customers to choose the best-fitting driver, guaranteed the best possible product-market fit for every ride... and Arrive's potential really crystallised.

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    As with transparency, learning more about choice identified cascasding impacts. One of these impacts was Equity...

    The "No Data, No Choice" model didn't hold drivers accountable... So no responsibility for bad service and no reward for good.

    However, with their data now visible before passengers chose, higher-rated drivers would enjoy more demand and those who couldn't compete on service, had to compete on price. 

    βš–οΈ Could this be a gig-economy model that was fair to both users and service providers?

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    You probably guessed it. We explored a core value and discovered another impact. This time it was Inclusion.

    The needs of many minority groups are under-served by ridehailing and as a consequence, aren't able to travel as freely as they should.

    Delivering choice removes these blockers and empowers them to mobilise. Use-cases include:

    πŸ‘©β€βœˆοΈ Female drivers - For people better served by a female driver.

    πŸ’ͺ Physical assistance - For support with mobility & heavy items.

    πŸ—£ Languages spoken - Where other languages are preffered.

    We never realised we could help so many people just by being honest, open and flexible.

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    Although we are a commercially-focussed startup, helping others is still one of our core values and one we've already started implementing... 

    We kicked off the action with "Lbs for £££'s", a sponsored weight-loss challenge that raised over £1,000 for the Brixton Soup Kitchen whilst also helping their founder in his personal battle with obesity.

    We continued to manifest this belief by embedding it directly into our product with "Driving For Change", an initiative where Arrive and drivers collaborate to donate 100% of particpating fares to local charity.

    πŸŽ—Again, while we aren't charity, we are committed to doing what we can, when we can.

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    We have long considered the environment one of our key stakeholders, so electric vehicles became viable for private hire work, we had to investigate.

    🌱 What we discovered was astounding - we would offset 1 tonne of carbon every 487 trips. Based on our projections, this equated to almost 1 tonne a day just 3 months post-launch and compelled us to quickly embrace electrification.

    Today, we run an all-electric fleet comprised of Teslas and Hyundais and are helping people and business tonnes in carbon emissions.

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