Who Are We?

We're an impact-driven group, united by a project determined to deliver it to it's passengers, drivers & environment..

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Our Journey

Like a lot of startups, we are different today to how we started. Below are the ideals our proposition is built on.

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    Contextual & clear.

    The original idea behind Arrive was to solve the lack of transparency rife in ride-hailing. Customers had issues with:

    💰 unclear pricing - whether it was due to estimates, surges or just trickery.

    ⏰ inaccurate ETAs - 2 minutes before booking and 8 minutes once booked.

    🧐 inconsistent service levels - the same price-point for a low-rated driver as a high-rated driver.

    This opacity also affected the driver side of the marketplace, which you can read more about at the link below...

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    Customised & precise.

    As we started to model out solutions, we soon discovered you can't ship a product giving transparency, without also giving choice.

    I mean, how can you show all options and not let people pick one? 😆

    If we show price, ETA and rating, users will want to choose based on that data, right? Or are their needs more precise like a female driver, one that's pet-friendly, speaks a certain language or lets you play music and drink in the car?

    💡 When we distilled it, we discovered allowing customers to choose the best-fitting driver, guaranteed the best possible product-market fit for every ride... Arrive's potential really crystallised.

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    Progressive & fair.

    Much like transparency, the more we explored the impact of choice, the more opportunities to add value arose. One of these values was Equity. I'll explain...

    The old "No Data, No Choice" model couldn't hold the driver accountable for their actions. No responsibility for bad service and no reward for good service.

    With their data now visible before passengers chose, drivers could differentiate themselves. Assuming a superior service will generate more demand, drivers could now enjoy more trips or better fares if their service justified it. 

    We believed we found a gig-economy model that was fair!

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    We've always been passionate about purpose, so when we saw drivers sharing information on causes they felt passionate about in our group chat, we made sure to listen and found ways to support that spirit... 

    Like The "Driving For Change" initiative.

    "Driving For Change" helps drivers support causes they are passionate about by raising money for them via fares. With a tap of a button, drivers can highlight themselves as "Driving For Change" and passengers can see that 100% of the fare - the entire drivers margin and ours - would go towards that cause.

    And that's not just the only place 

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    Audax nuclear vexatum iaceres ducunt ad saga. Zelus de clemens apolloniates, anhelare guttus! Studere acceleratrix ducunt ad ferox fortis.
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    We could remove so many blockers for so many people paralysed by a lack of mobility. Those needing physical assistance, a female driver, could choose it

    On the passenger-side, without choice users with mandatory needs just didn't have visibility of, or the autonomy to, choose the service they needed. We could now solve that and become issue, but choice also meant drivers had an equitable platform to work on.

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